My Embroidery Story...

Hello, thanks for joining me on my creative journey, my name is Cecilia and I live in Essex with my husband and two young children so as you might expect embroidery and being a mother is what keeps me very busy!

My love for textiles began with where I grew up - East London. I was surrounded by Arts and Crafts as well as expressive culture which only increased my love affair. My wonderful grandma was the person who taught me how to use the sewing machine for the first time, she even showed me a few embroidery techniques. I knew then that I wanted to develop my skills further. So I took the plunge and moved to Brighton to get my degree!

Despite specialising in knitwear design in University - it was my love for embroidery that really took over me and I haven’t looked back since.  

My passion for embroidery developed and I finally set up my shop Celia Jayi in 2017 to share my love of needlework and craft. In my shop you will find intricately hand crafted pieces. Each piece utilising hundreds of beads tirelessly sewn on to the canvas in various shades that result in a vision of colour and abstract form.

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