• Image of Digital download PDF File - Sweet Lilly
  • Image of Digital download PDF File - Sweet Lilly

Our first Digital manual, perfect for those who already have the supplies at home!

Inspired by a summer Garden this bright and playful floral design is perfect for those that share a great love for all things botanical. As the warmer months approach this floral design brings out a little more sunshine in our home.
The design contains a fun and colourful blend of bright tones that has been designed to help unleash your inner creativity as you are guided to create an eye catching piece of art. With this instruction booklet you will learn the beautiful and therapeutic craft of beading as well as develop your skills with embellishment. The manual is easy to follow and includes a stencil for you to print and includes a full list of supplies.

This design is perfect for beginners and those already familiar with embroidery as it gives you the opportunity to explore free hand embellishment and experiment with sequins, bugle beads, special Japanese Toho beads alongside various types of beads. By the end of this design you will have a better understanding of beading as I share what I have learnt on my own creative journey. You will become more confident with beading and stitching as you create your own abstract design.

Included in this offer you will receive via EMAIL -

Digital PDF file of the full instruction booklet ready for you to print

A list of supplies for you to use

The Sweet Lilly stencil ready for you to print.

**Please note this kit is for personal use and the pattern/contents as well as the final product made must not be resold.